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dappertutto headoffice: why dappertutto? what is dappertutto? do you dappertutto? who is dappertutto? nirgendwo in afrika ist dappertutto d a p p e r t u t t o do you know that fish can stay in aquarium without any problem, because fish has very short memory. it lasts only 2 seconds, every 2 seconds fish thinks that he´s in other place because he doesn´t remember anymore that only 2 seconds ago he was in the same place & same water. fish gets exited again and again in every 2 seconds saying: »Oh, such a wonderful new place i discovered!!!« isn't it sweet? sounds very good, i wouldn´t mind to be a fish sometimes and to forget in every 2 seconds where i was before, whom i met, and even who i am, i mean it also means that fish doesn't remember that he is fish finally and i find it so sweet and lovely. so ist das meine lieblingsstückl... ninidze peter brune tbilissi georgia vienna wien tokyo berlin dappertutto.de

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